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    1. 當陽市鑫科教學儀器有限公司為您提供教學儀器、當陽實驗室耗材等相關信息,敬請關注!


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      J248 一年級自然實驗盒

      J248 一年級自然實驗盒  J248 Experimental Natural science Box ( lst. Year)
      For the first year students of primary school : to distinguish one co lour from the others and one shape from the other shapes; to made clay toys; to assemble and dismantle an object; to observed symmetrical object; to observe the sinking and floating of an object ; to feed snails and small animals.
      J249 二年級自然實驗盒  J249 Experimental Natural Science Box (2nd Year)
      For 2nd year pupils of primary school to assemble hydraulic turbine machine and make simple steelyard and keep ants and crickets.



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